This guide details the changes necessary to migrate existing projects to Kite.

From CDK-0.9.0

As of version 0.10.0, CDK has been renamed to Kite. The main goal of Kite is to increase the accessibility of Apache Hadoop as a platform. This isn’t specific to Cloudera, so we updated the name to correctly represent the project as an open, community-driven set of tools.

Version 0.10.0 is purely a rename. There are no feature changes, so after migration from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0, datasets and morphlines will produce exactly the same results. Migration to is done primarily by updating project dependencies and imports, with some additional configuration changes.


Kite artifacts are now prefixed with kite- instead of cdk-, and the group id is now org.kitesdk instead of com.cloudera.cdk. All references must be updated.

For projects using maven, running these commands in a project’s root folder will find and update POM entries:

# Update group ids from com.cloudera.cdk to org.kitesdk
find . -name pom.xml -exec sed -i '' -e 's/com\.cloudera\.cdk/org.kitesdk/g' '{}' \;
# Update artifact names from cdk-* to kite-*
find . -name pom.xml -exec sed -i '' 's/cdk-/kite-/g' '{}' \;

In addition, the version in POM files must be updated to 0.10.0. This command will find the potential references:

find . -name pom.xml -exec grep 0.9.0 '{}' \;

Other build configurations should be updated similarly. The required changes are:

  • com.cloudera.cdk group id changes to org.kitesdk
  • cdk-... artifact names change to kite-...
  • 0.9.0 artifact versions change to 0.10.0


Next, references to CDK / Kite packages must be updated. Only the package names have changed, so only import statements and similar package references must be changed. This command finds and updates import statements, avro schema namespaces, and log4j configurations:

find . \( -name *.avsc -o -name *.avdl -o -name *.java -o -name \) \
      -exec sed -i '' -e 's/com\.cloudera\.cdk/org.kitesdk/g' '{}' \;

Other references to CDK should be updated also. For example, using a different slf4j binding would require updating the logging configuration for Kite / CDK classes in that logger’s configuration instead of

Required changes:

  • com.cloudera.cdk... package names change to org.kitesdk...

Dataset configuration changes

Some internal dataset properties have been changed from using the prefix cdk. to kite.. Most updates are backwards-compatible, except for partitioned datasets that are written by flume. Flume agent configurations must be updated when migrating to the kite-data-flume Log4jAppender.

This command updates files. Flume agent configurations must also be updated, and the agents restarted.

# Update Flume configuration files - note that Flume agents will need to be updated too
find . -name -exec sed -i '' 's/cdk\.partition/kite.partition/g' '{}' \;

This command renames the partition properties that are set by the Log4jAppender. The two components, clients logging events with the appender and flume agents, must use the same property naming scheme and should be updated and restarted at the same time.

Morphlines configuration changes

Morphlines configuration files must be updated to import morphlines commands from org.kitesdk. The following command finds and updates .conf files:

# Update Morphlines config file imports from com.cloudera.cdk to org.kitesdk
find . -name *.conf -exec sed -i '' 's/com\.cloudera\.cdk/org.kitesdk/g' '{}' \;
find . -name *.conf -exec sed -i '' 's/com\.cloudera\.\*\*/org.kitesdk.**/g' '{}' \;

The above change fixes startup errors that look like like this:

org.kitesdk.morphline.api.MorphlineCompilationException: No command builder registered for name: readLine near: {
    # target/test-classes/test-morphlines/readLine.conf: 22
    "readLine" : {
        # target/test-classes/test-morphlines/readLine.conf: 24
        "commentPrefix" : "#",
        # target/test-classes/test-morphlines/readLine.conf: 23
        "ignoreFirstLine" : true,
        # target/test-classes/test-morphlines/readLine.conf: 25
        "charset" : "UTF-8"
	at org.kitesdk.morphline.base.AbstractCommand.buildCommand(
	at org.kitesdk.morphline.base.AbstractCommand.buildCommandChain(
	at org.kitesdk.morphline.stdlib.Pipe.<init>(

Morphlines command implmentation changes

Morphline users that maintain custom Java morphline commands need to change these commands to implement Java interface org.kitesdk.morphline.api.Command instead of com.cloudera.cdk.morphline.api.Command or subclass org.kitesdk.morphline.base.AbstractCommand instead of com.cloudera.cdk.morphline.base.AbstractCommand.

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Version: 0.13.0. Last Published: 2014-04-23.

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