Kite Software Development Kit

Hadoop App Development Made Easier

The Kite Software Development Kit (Apache License, Version 2.0), or Kite for short, is a set of libraries, tools, examples, and documentation focused on making it easier to build systems on top of the Hadoop ecosystem.

  • Codifies expert patterns and practices for building data-oriented systems and applications
  • Lets developers focus on business logic, not plumbing or infrastructure
  • Provides smart defaults for platform choices
  • Supports gradual adoption via loosely-coupled modules


  • Kite Data The data module provides logical abstractions on top of storage subsystems (e.g. HDFS) that let users think and operate in terms of records, datasets, and dataset repositories. If you’re looking to read or write records directly to/from a storage system, the data module is for you.
  • Kite Maven Plugin The Kite Maven Plugin provides Maven goals for packaging, deploying, and running distributed applications.
  • Kite Morphlines The Morphlines module reduces the time and skills necessary to build and change Hadoop ETL stream processing applications that extract, transform and load data into Apache Solr, Enterprise Data Warehouses, HDFS, HBase or Analytic Online Dashboards.
  • Kite Tools The tools module provides command-line tools and APIs for performing common tasks with Kite.

There is also example code demonstrating how to use the Kite SDK in a separate GitHub repository at

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Version: 0.13.0. Last Published: 2014-04-23.

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