Package org.kitesdk.morphline.solr

Interface Summary
DocumentLoader A vehicle to load a list of Solr documents into some kind of destination, such as a SolrServer or MapReduce RecordWriter.

Class Summary
GenerateSolrSequenceKeyBuilder A command that assigns a record unique key that is the concatenation of the given baseIdField record field, followed by a running count of the record number within the current session.
LoadSolrBuilder A command that loads a record into a SolrServer or MapReduce SolrOutputFormat.
SanitizeUnknownSolrFieldsBuilder Command that sanitizes record fields that are unknown to Solr schema.xml by either deleting them (renameToPrefix is absent or a zero length string), or by moving them to a field prefixed with the given renameToPrefix (e.g.
SolrLocator Set of configuration parameters that identify the location and schema of a Solr server or SolrCloud; Based on this information this class can return the schema and a corresponding DocumentLoader.
SolrMorphlineContext A context that is specific to Solr.
SolrMorphlineContext.Builder Helper to construct a SolrMorphlineContext instance.
SolrServerDocumentLoader A vehicle to load a list of Solr documents into a local or remote SolrServer.
TokenizeTextBuilder A command that uses the embedded Solr/Lucene Analyzer library to generate tokens from a text string, without sending data to a Solr server.

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