Class ExtractJsonPathsBuilder

  extended by org.kitesdk.morphline.json.ExtractJsonPathsBuilder
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class ExtractJsonPathsBuilder
extends Object
implements CommandBuilder

Command that uses zero or more JSON path expressions to extract values from a JSON object. The JSON input object is expected to be contained in the Fields.ATTACHMENT_BODY Each expression consists of a record output field name (on the left side of the colon ':') as well as zero or more path steps (on the right hand side), each path step separated by a '/' slash. JSON arrays are traversed with the '[]' notation. The result of a path expression is a list of objects, each of which is added to the given record output field. The path language supports all JSON concepts, including nested structures, records, arrays, etc, as well as a flatten option that collects the primitives in a subtree into a flat list.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Command build(com.typesafe.config.Config config, Command parent, Command child, MorphlineContext context)
          Creates and returns a command rooted at the given morphline JSON config.
 Collection<String> getNames()
          Returns the names with which this command can be invoked.
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Constructor Detail


public ExtractJsonPathsBuilder()
Method Detail


public Collection<String> getNames()
Description copied from interface: CommandBuilder
Returns the names with which this command can be invoked. The returned set can contain synonyms to enable backwards compatible name changes.

Specified by:
getNames in interface CommandBuilder


public Command build(com.typesafe.config.Config config,
                     Command parent,
                     Command child,
                     MorphlineContext context)
Description copied from interface: CommandBuilder
Creates and returns a command rooted at the given morphline JSON config. The command will feed records into child. The command will have parent as it's parent. Additional parameters can be passed via the morphline context.

Specified by:
build in interface CommandBuilder

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