Package org.kitesdk.morphline.base

Class Summary
AbstractCommand Base class for convenient implementation of Command classes.
Compiler Tool to parse and compile a morphline file or morphline config.
Configs Helpers to traverse and read parts of a HOCON data structure.
FaultTolerance Mission critical, large-scale online production systems need to make progress without downtime despite some issues.
FieldExpression Helper to fetch the values of a field of a Record referred to by a field expression, which is a String of the form @{fieldname}.
Fields Common record field names.
Metrics Common metric names.
Notifications Tools for notifications on the control plane.
PrettyPrinter Utility to nicely indent and format a morphline config file.
Validator<T> Simple helper to validate user configurable parameters.

Enum Summary
Notifications.LifecycleEvent Enumerations of the standard lifecycle events.

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