Uses of Class

Packages that use PartitionStrategy Provides interfaces and classes for reading and writing datasets. 

Uses of PartitionStrategy in

Methods in that return PartitionStrategy
          Build a configured PartitionStrategy instance.
 PartitionStrategy DatasetDescriptor.getPartitionStrategy()
          Get the PartitionStrategy, if this dataset is partitioned.

Methods in with parameters of type PartitionStrategy
 DatasetDescriptor.Builder DatasetDescriptor.Builder.partitionStrategy(PartitionStrategy partitionStrategy)
          Configure the dataset's partitioning strategy (optional).

Constructors in with parameters of type PartitionStrategy
DatasetDescriptor(Schema schema, URL schemaUrl, Format format, URI location, Map<String,String> properties, PartitionStrategy partitionStrategy)
          Create an instance of this class with the supplied Schema, optional URL, Format, optional location URL, and optional PartitionStrategy.

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