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Packages that use Format Provides interfaces and classes for reading and writing datasets. 

Uses of Format in

Fields in declared as Format
static Format Formats.AVRO
          AVRO: the Avro row-oriented format
static Format Formats.CSV
          CSV: comma-separated values (read-only).
static Format Formats.PARQUET
          PARQUET: the Parquet columnar format

Methods in that return Format
static Format Formats.fromString(String formatName)
          Return a Format for the format name specified.
 Format DatasetDescriptor.getFormat()
          Get the associated Format that the data is stored in.

Methods in with parameters of type Format
 DatasetDescriptor.Builder DatasetDescriptor.Builder.format(Format format)
          Configure the dataset's format (optional).

Constructors in with parameters of type Format
DatasetDescriptor(Schema schema, URL schemaUrl, Format format, URI location, Map<String,String> properties, PartitionStrategy partitionStrategy)
          Create an instance of this class with the supplied Schema, optional URL, Format, optional location URL, and optional PartitionStrategy.

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