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Packages that use DatasetException Provides interfaces and classes for reading and writing datasets. 

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 class ConcurrentSchemaModificationException
           Exception thrown when a schema modification collided with another client trying to modify the schema of the same dataset.
 class DatasetExistsException
          Exception thrown when trying to create a dataset that already exists.
 class DatasetIOException
           Exception thrown for dataset IO-related failures.
 class DatasetNotFoundException
           Exception thrown to indicate that a dataset was not found.
 class DatasetReaderException
           Exception thrown for dataset reader-related failures.
 class DatasetRepositoryException
           Exception thrown for dataset repository-related failures.
 class DatasetWriterException
           Exception thrown for dataset writer-related failures.
 class IncompatibleSchemaException
           Exception thrown when a schema update is not compatible with the previous schema (or schemas) or with existing datasets (if shared storage is used, for example).
 class MetadataProviderException
           Exception thrown for metadata provider-related failures.
 class SchemaNotFoundException
           Exception thrown to indicate that there was a problem finding a particular version of a schema.
 class SchemaValidationException
           Exception thrown to indicate that there was a problem parsing or validating a schema.
 class SerializationException
          Exception thrown when an object cannot be serialized to, or deserialized from, its binary representation.
 class UnknownFormatException
          Exception thrown when a Dataset is in an unknown format.

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